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DC WASA Authorization Form

July 29, 2016 10:23 AM | Anonymous

I am sure you all are aware of the new requirement from DC Water that the Seller(or account holder) sign an authorization form to receive any information on the account including balances. I sent our general information request form for the Seller,in which we added authorization for DC Water to the existing language giving authority for payoffs, etc.

Below is their authorization for our language:

"A customer’s signature on this form satisfies DC Water’s authorization requirements in the following statement:

 I authorize _____________________(title agency) to request loan information, including tax and payoff information, from my current lender(s) on my behalf; to order my prior Owner’s Title Insurance policy on the above property; and to request, on my behalf, any information necessary to clear potential title issues on the above property, including but not limited to contacting condominium management companies, neighborhood associations, water and utility companies, and/or other corporate or governmental entities."

 Please amend your forms and you will be in compliance with DC Water’s requirements.


R. Bradley Runyan, DCLTA WASA Committee Chair


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